Long before the enactment of RA 10022, a group of non-life insurance companies, led by Philippine Charter Insurance Corporation (PhilCharter) which is now known today as Charter Ping-An Insurance Corporation and ably assisted by Passenger Accident Management and Insurance Agency, Inc. (PAMI), have organized themselves into a group in order to enhance the then prevailing insurance package for our modern day heroes, the Overseas Filipino Workers.

With the advent of RA 10022 where the playing field of the new insurance undertaking has been clearly defined, Fortune Life Insurance Company (FortuneLife) having noted that the new law contains a natural death coverage which is well within the purview of life insurance, joined the aggrupation led by Charter Ping An in a partnership that would ensure a very viable insurance program for the OFW.


With the burgeoning market for agency-hired overseas workers and to focus more attention on our modern-day heroes, PAMI has caused the creation of an independent management company known as the PAMIOFW MANAGEMENT SERVICE AND INSURANCE INTERMEDIARIES, INC. (PAMIOFW).


Our mission is to empower the Overseas Filipino Workers and their families through the Compulsory Insurance Coverage.


Our mission is peace of mind of our fellow Filipinos as they proceed to work overseas and contentment of their loved ones in the country is cases the unforeseen happen.


At PAMIOFW, service precedes gain.